shola v the scum

shola v the scum

Monday, 28 March 2011

finished front cover

This is my finished front cover, i decided to change the grey background into white so you can see all of the text and the images better. i am using the same picture as my first draft as it fits the criteria. i changed the bands name to plectrum as it suited the style of music they play and, the junior sound workshop is my magazine name simply because it is catchy and sounds cool, the colour scheme is simple, red and green, and i mix the two colours together throughout the magazine.

front covers

This is the first outline of my front cover, the colour of the background matches the shirt that natalie is wearin and the title "scallywag" suits the magazine style. the photograph is a medium shot of both natalie and sam, they are both laughing which shows they are close, the shot also fits conventions of a music magazine