shola v the scum

shola v the scum

Monday, 14 February 2011

feature article plan

This is a basic outline of what my feature article will look like, my images take up alot of the page.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

school magazine

This is my final front cover for the school magazine. I have changed the background from yellow so the models clothes blend in with the magazine. the fonts i have used are yellow, the same colour as the heworth grange badge. The front cover as a whole looks proffesional as i have used conventions of a real front cover, like a barcode, the models clothes blend in with the background and the model is in the centre of the cover.

This is my contents page i havnt really changed much in this, i have carried on the style of the front cover by using the same colour scheme and the title is very similar to the one on the front cover.

Please comment on my magazine and tell me how i can improve on it.


here are some of the pictures I will use in my school magazine.
This image shows sam who will feature on my front cover i am still questioning which photo to use on him

 this image show hazel standing next to the science sign, this can be used for a story about her winning an award for science
This is the new section of the school, the title will be out with the old and in with the new

questionaire on my music magazine

This is my questionnaire on music magazines, i am using this to see what people of 15-30 prefer, please answer in the comments box =)

are you male or female ?

Do you have an interest in music ?

yes [ ] no [ ]

Do you read music magazines ?

yes [ ] no [ ]

What is your preferred genre of music

Rock [ ] Dance [ ] Indie [ ] Heavy metal [ ] Rap [ ] Other [ ]

how much would you spend on a magazine ?


Who would you prefer to see on the front cover of a music magazine?

Eminem [ ] Coldplay [ ] Muse [ ] Slipknot [ ] Rihanna [ ] Calvin Harris [ ]

Would you buy a weekly or monthly magazine?

Weekly [ ] Monthly [ ]

what would be the three colours you would choose to have on the front cover of a music magazine


ideology !!!!

Ideology is the belief system in media that society has created. Ideology has created a belief that everything has to be perfect. The way people string ideas and thoughts together are all based around ideology and what the audience want to see !!